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L chair
Lost in wonderland
with padi and frerow <3
27th-May-2007 12:44 am
L chair
And happy birthday for DA fudgee!!!

Am sorry dear, i didn't forgot your birthday, but i wasn't home and when i got back i was so tired i didn't even check my mail or come on comp!! so i'm laaaaaate!! I will make it up i promise!

luv ya dear! ur awesome and even better you're DA fudgee!!

Joyeux anniversaiiiiiire!!!

On other matter: i must yell: THEY KILLED MY KRAKEN!! BANDE DE NATACOUETTE AVEC UN BALAIS DANS LE CUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROAR!!!

hey come on! of course will was....not really 'in' at the beggining of the movie, but in the end...*drool* what a maaaaaaaaaaaan!!

We have to say "bye bye" to sticky!!!
28th-May-2007 06:27 am (UTC)
Ah, you don't have too! I already got my advance birthday gift from you! *HitsuHina pic, yo*

It's alrighty, you still greeted me before, ne? ^_^

Once again, thank you!
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