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Lost in wonderland

with padi and frerow <3

19 November 1986
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Nya!! Welcome here ^o^ I'm a rather calm person but i can get crazy quickly if i want to :p I'm friendly and love meeting new people ^o^ MY taste are music, drawing and writting. I have a biig love for japan and japan's culture ând i'm currently learning japanese at uni in Paris^^ My fav bands are BLOOD, Dir en Grey, X Japan and recently D'espairs Ray ^o^ Hope you will enjoy the lj :p

Oh And i will make a deal, if any of you wants a drawing of anything you cna make a request in any comment i will gladly draw what you asked for :p I can also write fanfiction of any kind except yaoi , i don't like yaoi ( but i like yaoi in mangas or anime fanfiction, just can't stand making yaoi with real perosns, gave me bad image in head looool) so u welcome to aks anything ^o^

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BLOOD is love

Sasuke/Sakura brings the romance. ♥

Sasuke x Sakura is pure love~<3

Sai is enigmatic, TEEHEE-Naruto's-penis-TEEHEE love

Sasuke x Sakura is canon love!

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