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L chair
Lost in wonderland
with padi and frerow <3
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31st-Dec-2020 02:43 am - FRIENDS ONLY
L chair

 Hiya guys! Sorry but starting now this journal will be friends only! The reasons are simply because i  might tell more about personnal stuff in this and that i will show work i am doing , work that i can't share with no friends ;)

anywya if you want me to add you just leave a comment telling me why you want me to add you^^ I will mostly add anyone that wants to be added, just don't want to have creapy fangirls checking my journal when they want ^^;
28th-Sep-2008 06:14 pm(no subject)
L chair

150 roughs de mains/pieds/corps humains à faire pour mardi... ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin T^T redonnez moi mes vacances >.<

plus le prof de pub qui nous file à refaire toute l'identité visuelle de la "flute gana" ( c'est du pain hein pas un instrument) et plus d'autre chose parce que c'était que la première semaine hein >.<

je commence le taf à champion ( faut bien gagner de quoi payer l'essence) le 11 octobre, caissière me revoilà!

je ressort les vieux dossier, hop le sisen made in illustrator pendant les jpo :( j'avais rie a foutre je sais mais je m'ennuyais!!! >.< donc voilaaaa ( mais j'avoue j'ai bien galèrer XD)

14th-Jul-2008 04:11 am - dragon anyone?
L chair
didn't thought i would get into that but i wanna try XD

click it please ç_ç

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
1st-Mar-2008 10:48 pm - new layout
L chair
Love it! lick it ! BD
this layout is awesome the best ever muahahahahaha

lonely lonely shabada bada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd-Aug-2007 08:38 pm - New add
L chair
Here it is, i made it and now i won't go on kazukiwi anymore. First because the asshole is on it so serves him right if he doesn't understand why i'm not online anymore.

my new address is simple if you know me even a little.
the first word in ym address is the thing i like the most in pirate of the carribbean 2, it's not a character or a thing it's an animal ( it should eb easy)
then right after its name you just add  _orcas@hotmail.fr

see? it's quite easy. I'll see who actually want to add me or not, i already made some change in my friends list. but i guess you guys are not surprised seing my two previous post U_U
i'm sorry for being this bitchy and annoying but i need proof of not being tricked again, i already have enought proof of those who answer my past post , i love you all and thank you for your nice words. this isn't against you at all, but more about people that doesn't even care what i can post, say or feel Why the bother keeping an lj if many doesn't read it? i should shut up just because i don't reply to every of the other's post? I only reply  to the post i know what to say most of the time,  when i don't see people answering my question or anythign he doesn't give me the want to answer yours >.> ( this doesn't apply to calla becky and roxanne really! coz  i know you are there even when i don't see com from you *hugs*)

i'm not putting this under friend cut, coz maybe everybody will see it >.>
12th-Aug-2007 01:48 pm - crazy dancing
L chair
i'm just playing around in flash ^^;

go look

what do you think? :p
27th-May-2007 12:44 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
L chair
And happy birthday for DA fudgee!!!

Am sorry dear, i didn't forgot your birthday, but i wasn't home and when i got back i was so tired i didn't even check my mail or come on comp!! so i'm laaaaaate!! I will make it up i promise!

luv ya dear! ur awesome and even better you're DA fudgee!!

Joyeux anniversaiiiiiire!!!

On other matter: i must yell: THEY KILLED MY KRAKEN!! BANDE DE NATACOUETTE AVEC UN BALAIS DANS LE CUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROAR!!!

hey come on! of course will was....not really 'in' at the beggining of the movie, but in the end...*drool* what a maaaaaaaaaaaan!!

We have to say "bye bye" to sticky!!!
13th-May-2007 01:48 am - FREESTYLE MELISSA
L chair

Damn it XD cousine is awesome isn't she? :p

okay sam messed up in shooting it but oh XD

Cheers for melissa
7th-Apr-2007 01:25 am - good news
Let go
I did the interview and it went well (although i was dead scared and stressing out. Two guys, student in the school, came and joke with me to try to unstress me it was nice of them.
In the end i'm accepted in the school^^ I will tell more about how it went and all later, today i'm dead tired and i have this big headache since this afternoon that just won't go away -_- We went at the mall to buy the easter chocolate for the family and headache incresed, couldn't get rid of it yet -_-

i was supposed to go to bed as soon as i stepped into my bedroom but i forgot to look the hours for the movie tomorow. i'm taking my bro to see the last ghibli anime by goro miyasaki  ( les contes de terremer) no idea the name in english sorry, but it's easy to know which movie i'm talking about, it's the movie hayao's son made^^
then i saw this teaser for "big movie" and had the bad idea to show stephen..... obviously he wants to see it so i have to plan two movie for tomorow U_U It was long but i found hours that would fit together.
now i can go to my deary bed who is crying out for me ^^ hugs you all!

and crys i'm sorry i didn't stay to tlak ç_ç husg you tight and hope your essay isn't being too ahrd on you >.< *huugs*
5th-Apr-2007 01:57 am - mermaid and stress
L chair

Took me four whoel day to do it, it's my second try at watercoloring. I will put it in my drawings to show the director of a school i wanna enter.

the interview is tomorow and i'm freaking out -___- pry for me to be accepted in the school.

*shiver* bye
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